Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stuff. I've gotten a little mini sickness of some sort. Sore throat, a little achy, tired. Nothing serious, just annoying.

Playing Tegan and Sara, they always make me smile.

Brought Samson in with me today so that Celeste can rest without interruption until we get home.

The baby is still holding on to his happy life on the inside. Celeste is pretty sure that it won't last much longer. I think it's just wishful thinking since she is soooooo uncomfortable (sure I've not written that before ;-)).

Work is keeping me busy.

Celeste's parents arrive on Wednesday. That will be different for sure.

My 12" PowerBook met with a hideous accident, but luckily I have Home Contents insurance which covers the loss. I've replaced it with a MacBook that I am waiting for Apple to send me. I am a bit excited for the speed upgrade but I am sad to have lost the old workhorse. That computer put up with a lot of abuse from me.

Looks like the family (minus samson) will be spending next x-mas in the States. Anyone that has extra room for us in the US please let us know. We will be trying to make the trip as inexpensively as possible. Our current itinerary has us flying in and out of San Francisco, driving to Portland, finding our way to Charleston and then NYC then back west to fly home.

Oh, please share in comments all advice for labour and the first few days of life with a newborn!!! I'm very curious!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

In the studio being a DJ again :-)
Yesterday was supposed to be a Baby Shower for little Liam, the organisers of the event ended up unable to attend and because it is a long weekend many others were off to more exotic places as well.

Luckily we had a few people come by and it was very enjoyable. Celeste probably would not have enjoyed tons of people anyway, she originally did not feel comfortable with the idea of a baby shower at all. We had a few people from Celeste's work and then our friends Rosie and Guy.

Guy and Rosie came over with little Jos (4.5 months old). He's a very cute little guy and I held him for quite awhile :-) I decided that if by some crazy universal coincidence that both Jos and Liam end up gay, they can hook up :-) Sorry Midge!

Life is good here in Wellington. We had a major cleaning in preparation for the festivities yesterday, that was good. Cleaned up about a ton of leaves from around the outside of the house, that ended up doing a bit of a number on my old-man back. Feeling it today for sure. Nice to have the house looking good though.

We still have a bit of organising to complete before baby and parents arrive but we're really getting close now!

Oh, Baby Shower Gifts, one of my favourite baby toys! The square plastic with different shapes that you fit shaped blocks through. Love those :-) Some baby wipes, baby soap, baby massage oil, baby oil. Good stuff!

Blazers are keeping up the fight! 2 and 2 so far on the road trip

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Just watched the Blazers lose to the Celtics. Seemed like a good game, just did not have it in us to take it at the end.

Still waiting for baby Liam, I hope I am not writing that repeatedly for the next 4 weeks!

Saturday we are having a baby shower that Celeste's friends at work are putting on for her. There is a lot of cleaning around the house for me to do before then. We have about a ton of leaves around our house that I need to clean up. Plenty of cleaning to do inside the house as well.

This is a long weekend in NZ so many people will be vacating Wellington for the weekend. Not us, we will be here to watch over our fair city. We will take Samson to the beach so he can frolic about. He has been enjoying the beach more and more. He now will run into the water just for the fun of it, we find it very cute!

Well, back to waiting for the baby...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Listening to the Blazers put their new streak to four. 

Yesterday Celeste had another scan on the baby. According to the scan little Liam is ready to be born at any moment! So...we need to get ready! We need to pack bags to take to hospital, we need to wash all of his clothes and bedding and things so they're fresh and ready. We need to make his cot. We need to clean the house. We need to organise all of his stuff! Ack :-)

Today Celeste had to renew her passport. That took much longer than it should have. 

That's really about it, just wanted to mention the scan.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hi All,

Well, the Blazers finally lost a game, was bound to happen sometime, no? But they've gone on to win two since then and have their chance for revenge today against the Utah Jazz (streakbusters). Let's see if we can get our current streak up to 3 in a row :-)

Things are good. Had one scare in the past week. Samson managed to get his paws on a tray of X-mas chocolates while we were out of the house and ate about 200 grams of milk chocolate treats. Luckily we was still very much alive when we returned. He did end up quite ill however. Diarrhea and Vomiting were the order of the next 24 hours. Silly boy doesn't learn his lesson though, he still very much wants chocolate. Sigh, he takes after his dad for sure.

Speaking of being dad...before sleeping last night I really started to think about this new commitment that is about to be born. It is very intense to think about. This little human will be 100% dependent on Celeste and me for quite a long time. Especially the first few years there is a lot of time and energy that needs to be focused on the little beastie. Really cool and scary.

Also starting to realise he could be born at any minute now. We have got to get everything ready to go! He's very active (causing his mom all sorts of misery already, once again, definitely takes after his dad). We need to organise his clothes and a bag of stuff to take to the hospital with us and get his cot ready to be slept in (though I still believe he will be sleeping in our bed). Celeste finished painting his dresser yesterday, bright red! Isn't that just asking for ADHD???

Haven't even thought about how to deal with other logistical issues, haven't let my Health Insurance company know about the impending addition to the fam. Haven't dealt with citizenship issues...hopefully that's not so urgent to deal with.

I have been pretty good at taking over many of the household chores but am still very much reliant on Let for meals. I know that's not good of me, but I enjoy her cooking so much! I did make fresh salsa and guacamole the other day. Man, it's so good. I had to make salsa just cuz the salsa here is not very good at all! As it was the first time I have made salsa in years it wasn't brilliant, but I plan on making this a regular thing, I will get better.

Tomorrow it is back to work after 2 weeks off. It's been a good break, had some productive days and lots of lazy days. Pretty good combo. Samson spent many hours playing with other dogs at the beach which makes him a very happy pup.

Oh, Jaws was on TV last night and so I watched it for the very first time...not sure I should admit this, but I thought it was a very well done movie. The dialog was generally quite good and the story was well done. Looked quite good too, especially considering that it is 32 years old. So, yes, I enjoyed the movie my mom would not let me see when I was 8 years old :-P

Went to the cinema to see Kite Runner the other day. It was a fine movie but much was lost emotionally compared to the book. So much of the story is internal angst and the movie was not effective at bringing all of that feeling across in my opinion. Still, well shot, beautiful and mostly quite faithful to the book.

Saw Deja Vu (with Denzel) on DVD Friday night. I actually liked it quite a bit. I still have some questions about the timeline aspects of it (I suppose everyone does after these types of movies), but liked the twists and ideas in it.

OK, back to the radio thing...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

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