Sunday, December 30, 2007

12 Straight Wins by the Portland TrailBlazers, the Youngest team in the NBA and the longest streak by any team this year! Enjoy great basketball!
Christmas is over and we are almost to the New Year! Wellington becomes a quiet little city this time of year. Many of the residents are away visiting family or taking holidays elsewhere in the country and the world. The streets are quiet.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and we took Samson to Lyall Bay where he got to meet many many other pups! He was particularly fond of a pug mix that he spent some time hanging out with. I feel like all of the people left in Wellington must have gone to the beach, it was surprisingly busy.

Gifts? Celeste bought me a very nice robe. I think she's telling me she's tired of me walking around the house in the nude, :-P especially since her parents are going to be arriving in less than a month. I love the robe though, super soft and comfy. And yes, I did get her a gift too, I was just trying to keep her guessing by my last posting. She does not enjoy the wind around here so I got her a nice, pretty jacket that will block out the wind. That's really about it. Very mellow Christmas, it is a very low key holiday here which suits me fine, Celeste is not quite so comfortable with that though. She is used to the same big commercialised fest that we have in the US.

We finally bought the kiddo a cot/crib yesterday. We put it together in the lounge and then were taking it to the nursery when we realised that it would not fit through the doorway! Then we thought, well, Liam will be sleeping in our room the first few months anyway, so it is better to have it in our bedroom. Didn't fit through that doorway either. So, we have to disassemble and then reassemble in the bedroom. Ooooops. We love the cot though! It can be a bassinet, then a regular cot, then it can be a first bed or a little couch too. Hopefully it will serve us well for the next 5-7 years.

Last night I was feeling him moving around, he's getting big and strong! Celeste told me I wasn't even feeling him in an active mood. Zoiks! I just can't imagine having that inside of me. I really do sympathise with how tired and sore that Let is feeling, but I'm still a bit of a grump about it sometimes. I'm just not good at being 100% 24/7 supportive. I am trying to take on more of a load to get things done around the house. I also brought Samson with me to the radio station this morning so he won't bother Celeste while she's trying to sleep.

Not much else to share really. Things are good here. What did you get for x-mas eh?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two Sleeps 'til Christmas

My Prezzie from Celeste arrived the other day and still sits in its box on the dining room table (along with far too much other crap) waiting for opening on x-mas day. I wonder what it could be??? She offered to let me open it early, but I am a good boy, I will wait.

I don't think I will give her a present this christmas, don't you think the miracle of a child inside of her is more than enough of a gift? No? Well...hmmm...I'll think of something perhaps.

I will not be back to work for two weeks. That means I should really be able to get a lot of housecleaning and straightening done as well as random other house-related jobs I could take care of. We did buy a weed-whacker (seems to be the most common lawnmower in nz). We only have a small patch of weeds/grass in our back yard that just needs a bit of chopping down once in awhile.

Feb. 8! Will that actually be the date? People tend to think it will be sooner, we need so much more stuff so much more prep! We washed all of his clothes and blankets. Hmmm.

It's a beauty weekend.

Yesterday we went to see the movie Enchanted, silly disney goofiness. McDreamy was in it. Susan Sarandon. Watched Bad Santa on TV last night, first time I've seen it. That is a funny and messed up movie. I do enjoy watching Billy Bob Thornton act though.

If you are on facebook, let's play scrabulous :-)


Sunday, December 09, 2007


We were just in Sydney for 8 days.

We managed to see quite a bit considering how lazy i am and how pregnant Celeste is. if we walked more than 5-10 minutes straight we would take a few minutes rest. that actually worked out well most of the time, it allowed us to take in more of our surroundings. the weather was not ideal. it was quite warm and humid (as Sydney is expected to be), but it was also cloudy a lot with some rain and thunderstorms (as is less common this time of year).

It was a bit stunning for me to finally be in Sydney. Of course the city probably first entered my consciousness because of the Opera House. According to Wikipedia, the first planning for the Opera House was way back in the late 40s (slightly before my time) but building did not begin until 1959. The Opera House was completed and opened in 1973. As I was only six at the time, I am assuming I did not become aware of it until a bit later. It was definitely part of my awareness for a long time and I could never have imagined I would be standing next to it in person. Looking across the harbour at it the magnificent structure led me to ponder the paths of my life that brought me there.

We also took a ferry ride around the harbour, a lot of incredible buildings built along the shore. Many many multi million dollar homes. We went to a wildlife centre and an aquarium. Ate dinner at a private club overlooking the harbour and the Lowenbrau restaurant. Spent the weekend in Kiama famous for its ocean blowhole. Had a couple of great meals there as well. We were both stunned by the size and beauty of the pelicans hanging around a harbour restaurant. Sydney is also home to one of the few Lindt Chocolates Cafes in the world. Unfortunately (and quite rarely) I was not much in the mood for sweets when we visited so I settled for a scoop of Lindt ice cream. We also spent a day at Manly beach, quite touristy with lots of young beautiful people which made me feel old and made Celeste feel gigantic :-P Had a delicious vegetarian lunch at a local all natural cafe.

All in all I think we both enjoyed the trip quite a bit.

Since being back I have been a bit overwhelmed catching up with email and phone messages. Did manage to attend the Massey-Wellington X-mas Party and also an X-mas lunch with the DVC's office.

We have about 8.5 weeks until our little boy's due date! We really need to buy him a bed :-)

Anika Moa is playing at the San Francisco Bath House tonight, I would like to go to the show, but do not know if I can justify the cost and don't know if my laziness will win out.

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