Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stuff. I've gotten a little mini sickness of some sort. Sore throat, a little achy, tired. Nothing serious, just annoying.

Playing Tegan and Sara, they always make me smile.

Brought Samson in with me today so that Celeste can rest without interruption until we get home.

The baby is still holding on to his happy life on the inside. Celeste is pretty sure that it won't last much longer. I think it's just wishful thinking since she is soooooo uncomfortable (sure I've not written that before ;-)).

Work is keeping me busy.

Celeste's parents arrive on Wednesday. That will be different for sure.

My 12" PowerBook met with a hideous accident, but luckily I have Home Contents insurance which covers the loss. I've replaced it with a MacBook that I am waiting for Apple to send me. I am a bit excited for the speed upgrade but I am sad to have lost the old workhorse. That computer put up with a lot of abuse from me.

Looks like the family (minus samson) will be spending next x-mas in the States. Anyone that has extra room for us in the US please let us know. We will be trying to make the trip as inexpensively as possible. Our current itinerary has us flying in and out of San Francisco, driving to Portland, finding our way to Charleston and then NYC then back west to fly home.

Oh, please share in comments all advice for labour and the first few days of life with a newborn!!! I'm very curious!



penguindevil said...

Oh so much! Well, we would love for you to use some of our room when you're in Portland (are you really coming here)! Though our little apartment hasn't much space, maybe we'll have more then...

First few days of parenthood? Put any personal agenda items out of your mind (but still find sometime to relax or go outside) and hold the baby whenever you can, take care of mom (she needs to get everything she needs/wants), don't turn down any assistance or offers of food or cleaning help. And remember that no matter how odd it all seems, over the next couple of months it will all become second nature.

And what hideous accident happened to the computer?

Anonymous said...

Do for and get/ allow anything Celeste needs during labor, including capitulating on any previously held notions of 'no drugs during labor' and remove all notions of self/ego from the equation. Once labor starts you must be a strong, dedicated, sensitive servant.

Post-labor, utilize your nurses to the full extent for advice and help, and when you get home, don't panic, you'll be fine. As long as Liam is warm, has a clean diaper and gets to eat, he'll be OK.

Caitlin said...

Make sure there are ice chips for Celeste during labor - they saved me. I also loved sweet/sour drinks after, like cranberry juice.

Stay in the hospital as long as you can! I wanted Ashley to take me back the first night we were home. It's an INSANE adjustment, that first night at home with your little one.

Make use of lactation consultants if you are lucky enough to have access to them - breast feeding (if that's what you guys have decided to do) can be a little overwhelming at first. I'm full of information on the subject if you ever have questions!

Oh - and write down Liam's birth story ASAP, while it's still vivid and clear in your head.

And, yes! Come stay with us!