Thursday, January 17, 2008


Just watched the Blazers lose to the Celtics. Seemed like a good game, just did not have it in us to take it at the end.

Still waiting for baby Liam, I hope I am not writing that repeatedly for the next 4 weeks!

Saturday we are having a baby shower that Celeste's friends at work are putting on for her. There is a lot of cleaning around the house for me to do before then. We have about a ton of leaves around our house that I need to clean up. Plenty of cleaning to do inside the house as well.

This is a long weekend in NZ so many people will be vacating Wellington for the weekend. Not us, we will be here to watch over our fair city. We will take Samson to the beach so he can frolic about. He has been enjoying the beach more and more. He now will run into the water just for the fun of it, we find it very cute!

Well, back to waiting for the baby...


C L Rousseau said...

Hey, I'm touched that you are going to do most of the cleaning. I promise to help. I'm so heavy I just can't even commit myself!

Love you!

penguindevil said...

While I'm very excited about the impending Liam, I'd like to take this chance to remind you to enjoy these last few days/weeks of spending your time as you please.

It's a wonderful thing to have a baby, but they are loath to allow adults to have free time.

Unknown said...

Yes, I am aware of that. We are only impatient because C is soooo miserable these days, just can't get any comfortable rest and just hurting so much :-(
PLUS, we want to see what the little monster looks like :-)