Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Updating...I have been looking for jobs to apply for. Actually applied for two over the weekend and am in contact with someone at University of Auckland who has been very nice and might be helpful in getting me there (NZ) sooner than I might otherwise.

Other than that, trying to figure out a way to get to Manila cheaply before mid-January. Was hoping to go for New Years, but the cost is too much and the income is too little to make it that soon. Sad.

Still fostering the little dog. She had to have surgery to remove a bunch of mammary tumors. Now she is a few nipples lighter and is stuck wearing a lampshade for 10 days so she isn't able to tear out the stables holding her belly together. I am amazed at how well she is handling it all. This is one sweet little dog.

Thanksgiving was uneventful but nice. My niece was here for the weekend and so we went to the Met and also saw the new Harry Potter. Spent a lot of time just chilling at home too. Had not spent time with her in quite awhile so that was nice.

My newest joy is playing online Scrabble. I'm not great but I find myself winning more than losing, and even when I am losing I really enjoy it. Yes, I just let people know how much of a nerd I am a little bit at a time.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hi All,

I do not have any new news to report, but I do not want to disappoint my 919 fans (what??? that's what the counter says, right?).

I received an email from U. of Auckland about a job that I was considering applying for. The person I wrote sounded encouraging about applying, so I will do that this weekend. Anyone want to write a cover letter for me?

That is the closest thing to progress on my end. Well, that's not entirely true, I have been getting my financial affairs in order so it will be easier to jump on the plane when the time comes.

I am also fostering a dog for a rescue organization. What does that have to do with my move to NZ? Well, how can I connect it? Oh, here's a couple ways: I am not able to adopt this incredibly cute sweet dog because I think it would be unfair to put her through the hell of transporting to and living through quarantine in NZ, so I will have to get a dog after I move. And the other way it's related is that having this sweet little girl around makes it clear that I want to have a yard and a dog once I am settled in NZ.

Also, Celeste is almost ready to send in her application, just a few more steps and she'll be in the same waiting game as I am.

Hope all is well with my hundreds of faithful readers.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Application is in, the $925 fee has been paid, now I wait and wait and wait. I was told via email that I will hopefully be assigned to a case officer within "the next four months" after which time, if everything is deemed to be in order it will be another 1-3 months.

Of course the one thing that would speed the process up immensely would be a job offer. Lately I have not even found positions available that I am qualified/interested in to apply for. Must keep on that though, now that my application is officially being processed maybe the universities will take my application a little more seriously (hopehopehope).

Otherwise, still being a temp for the Rockefeller Foundation. It is really great, the work is not the most intellectually stimulating, but it does keep me busy and some of it is interesting. The people I work with are great, the organization is great. I am pet-sitting two crazy terriers for one of my co-workers for 11 days.

And off I go...

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