Sunday, January 20, 2008

In the studio being a DJ again :-)
Yesterday was supposed to be a Baby Shower for little Liam, the organisers of the event ended up unable to attend and because it is a long weekend many others were off to more exotic places as well.

Luckily we had a few people come by and it was very enjoyable. Celeste probably would not have enjoyed tons of people anyway, she originally did not feel comfortable with the idea of a baby shower at all. We had a few people from Celeste's work and then our friends Rosie and Guy.

Guy and Rosie came over with little Jos (4.5 months old). He's a very cute little guy and I held him for quite awhile :-) I decided that if by some crazy universal coincidence that both Jos and Liam end up gay, they can hook up :-) Sorry Midge!

Life is good here in Wellington. We had a major cleaning in preparation for the festivities yesterday, that was good. Cleaned up about a ton of leaves from around the outside of the house, that ended up doing a bit of a number on my old-man back. Feeling it today for sure. Nice to have the house looking good though.

We still have a bit of organising to complete before baby and parents arrive but we're really getting close now!

Oh, Baby Shower Gifts, one of my favourite baby toys! The square plastic with different shapes that you fit shaped blocks through. Love those :-) Some baby wipes, baby soap, baby massage oil, baby oil. Good stuff!

Blazers are keeping up the fight! 2 and 2 so far on the road trip

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