Sunday, September 30, 2007

As is clear, I skipped an entry last week. The Church of Bush was so exciting that I had no time to type an entry...or at least that's my story.

We love the new house. All in all it is just what we wanted. We feel we fit in it much better than we did the other place. We are going to have a housewarming on the 20th. If you would like to attend just leave a comment and we will consider your application :-)

Right now I am playing the second of two songs by Big Audio Dynamite. I can't help but love them. Last week my entire playlist was dictated by Celeste. This week it is back to my music.

It is only 7:40am and since we just switched to DST it is actually only 6:40 in my brain, got about 6 hours of sleep, not too bad.

Oh, the only issue with the new house is that there is a bedsit downstairs and we are having a couple of problems with the tenant down there. We have wooden floors and no soundproofing of any sort between us and her and she is very noise sensitive, problem #1. That will supposedly be fixed this coming week by the landlords putting in soundproofing insulation (which will also probably make her place a bit warmer). The other issue is our little dog (of course). When she was moving in he ran into her apt. and she got quite upset. Then this weekend he snuck out of the apt. when I was taking out recycling and made his way down to her place again. That would have been not so bad had she not chosen to open her door while he was running around and he went right inside again. So, everything that happens that bothers her she seems to call the landlords about which is making my life and theirs a little unpleasant right now. Hopefully it will all work out, but our first week with the new downstairs neighbour has not been particularly fun.

We found out about a week or so ago that we are having a little boy. We think we have already decided on a name but I'm not ready to share that with the world yet. He looks pretty cute in his ultrasound pictures. Celeste is constantly trying to decide who he looks more like :-P

I just voted in my first New Zealand election. It is just local election so nothing too exciting about it, but interesting to vote in a non-American election for sure.

Speaking of which I should update my address with the US so I can vote in our upcoming elections.

It is great living in a new area. Mornington is not such an exciting area in itself but is quite close to Newtown which is quite young and diverse and hip. That is about the opposite of Karori which is close to nothing but Karori. Many more food and shopping choices.

Oh, check out the new Iron & Wine album, I LOVE IT.

I only get one cup of Milo today cuz there isn't any more milk in the radio station, very disappointing!

Right then...enough for today methinks.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Here I am at MUNTFM doing my Sunday morning radio show. 88.5fm streaming from!!! Listen from 8-10am NZ time. Eclectic music from the 80s 90s 00s and whenever...

Shifted house yesterday. I have left my beloved Karori behind for Kingston/Mornington. About a 3 minute drive from work (doesn't that mean I shouldn't be driving?).

The day was long and much sweat came out. Why is it that I am never as prepared as I should be for a move? It always takes longer than expected and I always forget things. But it is over now (sorta, still have a few random things to grab and some cleaning to do). We have the place for another two weeks though, so plenty of time to get things done.

Nothing much to say today. Woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, better off than Celeste who woke up at 3 and so far as I know is still awake. YUCKY.

A shout out to Le Moulin, a great, and very popular little bakery on Willis Street in Wellington CBD.

Oh, many many thanks for Andrew, Malcolm and Patrick for helping with the move yesterday!!!

I had to drive a truck, not too big, but bigger than I feel comfortable with. And then I am always paranoid because I am never willing to pay the extra cash to lower the excess (or deductible in american english) so if anything happened to the truck i could have been charged $2500. That would've hurt.

So, both last night and this morning we used our new fireplace. Love that.

Ok, that's it for today, too tired to think. I will just keep playing my music :-)


Saturday, September 08, 2007

This may be on the Move to Wellington website in the near future, any thoughts? I am misquoted like crazy, but the gist of the meaning remains :-P

Name: Jon and Celeste.
Nationality: American and Philipino.
Profession: Jon- Student recruitment. Celeste- IT.
Migrated to Wellington: 2006.

“I’ve been surprised by how open it is, how welcoming people have been. I’ve been here less than one and a half years, and I feel like I belong. That’s awesome.” Jon Rousseau has been made to feel at home in Wellington.
The very enthusiastic New Yorker moved here with his Philipino fiancée Celeste Lafavilla in 2007. “I love it, I really do”. A big change to New York, Jon says it feels like his hometown of Portland, Oregon. “Café culture and laidback, it’s like going home, though there are some cultural differences”.
Jon admires the music, theatre and other cultural opportunities the city provides (“not that I take enough advantage of it”). He appreciates Wellington’s environment, citing the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, Otari-Wilton’s Bush and Botanic Gardens. “Nature is really close by in the city. On the weekend you can go to the Wairarapa or Marlborough Sounds”.
A particular favourite is walking round the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary. “It’s so peaceful and relaxing”.
Jon says Wellington is a convenient, friendly city, with most of the amenities you could ever want. He responded instantly to Wellington being a liberal, cosmopolitan, diverse city. “Overall, it’s very accepting of other people and other cultures. I like walking down the street and hearing different languages. You constantly meet people from all over the world”.
“Ah good, you escaped,” Jon jokes with other Americans immigrants. He is relieved not to be in George Bush’s frightened America. “It’s not as terror driven here”.
Jon works for Massey University in student recruitment. He says the university is a great, welcoming employer. “The university is a family atmosphere, with cool programmes like their design courses. I work with everyone to do my job, it’s very collegial. I’m allowed to be independent, creative and come up with new initiatives.”
He says Massey is very supportive, and has been touched by their support on hearing Celeste was pregnant. “I look forward to this Kiwi- accented kid running into our home”.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's September, that means it is officially springtime down under. Funny thing is, the weather has been quite springlike for awhile here unlike last year...

News...Jason starts his new job in Scotland on 1 October. For now he is still working hard to pay his way across the ocean. His work permit has been approved.

Mabel's Cafe in Portland is no more but is about to transition into a butterfly with much work from Ash and Cait.

Celeste and I found our new home, hopefully one we'll be in for a few years. Really like the place and the location, check it out

I can't be bothered embedding anything, i'm too lazy.

We will be moving in two weeks. Also, this week Samson starts training again. He is really getting the hang of things, but I think it will be very useful for Celeste and Samson to realign their relationship. It seems as though Sam really thinks they are on an equal footing so does not feel compelled to listen to her when she commands him to do anything.

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