Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's a sunny Sunday in Wellington. I think I shall take the dog to the beach. Hopefully Liam and Let will join in the trip. We're still waking up and we have a very messy house to deal with. Hmmm. Definitely need to go beaching though.

Last night we went to Stokes Valley (aka Stokes Vegas) for dinner with some friends. Three little boys of different ages, Liam at 7 months, Jos at 1 year and Olivier coming up on 3 years. It is fun to see the differences and realise what we have to look forward to. Besides that we got to eat a gourmet meal cooked by an Englishman (whose wife is French and doesn't cook, doesn't drink much and does NOT like CHEESE!!!). Yes, a strange family indeed :-)

We went unconditional on the house Friday. Yes, I am a homeowner now. It is very exciting. We will move in after the 10th of October. We both can't stop thinking about the house and what we'll do to it over time. First we just have to get all of our possessions from point A to point B, for the first time in my life I think we'll hire someone else to do the moving for us. I think the time has come, we have too much stuff to bother friends with.

Now we desperately need to find some nice people to take over our lease in the house we live in currently. Less than a month to get that all sorted...eeeeek.

Life is good down under!

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penguindevil said...

Hmmm... How much is that lease?