Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hmmm, about three months with no updates. I guess nothing worthy of writing about has happened...

Liam just gets cuter and cuter. Now he is three months cuter than when I last wrote, that's a LOT! He loves and is loved at his childcare centre. The other day we were dropping him off and the mom of a little girl said, "Oh, my daughter is always talking about Liam" :-P He's popular with the ladies.

We did get the Wii and Wii Fit. We used them a lot for about a month and then we've gotten so busy lately that we have not been good about using them. I do love it though. My favourite right now is Tennis, but a lot of the games are really enjoyable. Hopefully we'll get back to using it regularly soon.

Our time at home consists of entertaining the boy, feeding the boy, getting the boy to sleep, running to the boy when he wakes up, cleaning up the boy's dishes, dealing with Samson's needs and then trying to do everything else we need to get done in between (along with some sleep somewhere in there).

Honestly, I would not trade this life away for anything. That little boy makes me smile so big and has taken such a chunk of my heart that I can not even imagine being without him. When I have to leave town for work trips I miss him very much. Every day I feel I learn more about him and that he becomes that much more his own person. He is now crawling (backwards). That is exciting. Today for the first time he pulled himself up on the inside of his cot/crib. He is a strong Liam ;-)

Along the way we have also decided we wanted to buy a house and in fact found one to buy. It has been a bit of a whirlwind process. We almost bought one well outside of our range (physically and financially). Luckily it did not work out and we have found one much closer to affordable and though it is in the outer suburbs of Wellington it still is only about 20 minutes with no traffic and has a lot of amenities handy to it. It is not officially ours yet but it seems the largest hurdles have all been jumped and it is just the details being worked out now.

Enough for now, we are going through a cold snap here (down to 1 celsius tonight and only 13 here in the lounge/living room). I need to crawl back into our nice warm bed :-)

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