Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just watched the sunrise on what looks to be a beautiful Saturday in Wellington.

I'm feeling healthy after about two weeks of, what felt like, a losing battle against a sinus infection. I had never had such a painful infection before. There were hours at a time where I literally felt compelled to hold my head (some subconscious fear it might explode?) from the pain. It made being productive at work a very difficult task indeed. So, for the past week I have been taking my antibiotics and a lot of codeine laced pain killers.

Last night Celeste went out for after work drinks with her friend Kym. Apparently she only had three glasses of wine but arrived home at 7ish extremely...tipsy? Slurred speech, difficulty walking :-D It was quite amusing. She is always very loving when she drinks though, that's nice. She is still in bed this morning while Liam plays by himself in his 'exersaucer'.

Things continue toward taking possession of our house. We have hired movers to not only move us but to also pack our things. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have never hired movers before, but with a little boy and a dog, it just seems worth the expense to have it all done by professionals. It will save us heaps of difficulty on the day. Celeste's drinking buddy Kym has offered to come help us on the day (I think she realises that will not entail much work). We are very excited for the new place.

The only negative to be seen at this point is that we have yet to find someone to take over our current lease. Our agreement with our landlords is that we find someone to take over our lease, otherwise we are still responsible for our rent. Hmmmmmmmmm

In other news, Liam is still a happy healthy baby. He does have this tendency to fall over/down. This is probably due to his immense love of standing up though he is a bit too young and uncoordinated for it. He has bonked his head a few times now. Celeste stressed that a whole lot, I figure it's just another part of growing up. He usually only cries from the surprise of it and if I put him back in position to enjoy himself he is promptly okay again.

Enough for 6:30am.

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penguindevil said...

Man... Elinors main life event these days seems to be falling and hitting her head on something. I think you just have to get used to it.

Though I feel like a terrible failure if it ends in some bloodyness.