Thursday, June 12, 2008

Only a little more than a week left of being stay at home dad! That is a bit sad. I enjoy my time with the boy. We have really gotten a feel for each other over this time. I have a much better feel for his wants/needs and he is more comfortable sleeping with me.

He is taking his morning nap now and then we will go for a visit to his child care centre. We were very lucky to get a spot for him! The average waiting list time is 15 months, I'm not sure when Celeste put our name in, but the spot just came up a couple of weeks ago. It is a great little place and much closer and more convenient to our place than where I thought he was going to end up.

I know that I am old and out of shape, but jesus, I am tired ALL OF THE TIME now. Every second he is asleep I feel like I should be sleeping too! But there are so many other things to be done. Washing bottles, our dishes, laundry, other general housecleaning. Plus trying to keep Samson from feeling lonely and bored. I also want to play my scrabble/scramble/pathwords games :-)

Speaking of which, we are buying a Wii + Wii Fit. Since winter seems to have arrived (a bit early) and we will be spending a lot of time inside I'm sure, we decided that this would be a good way of getting our exercise in. Of course, there are no Wii in stock in Wellington, but hopefully we will get it within the next week or so.

The week that I am back at work will be spent on the road in the Nelson/Marlborough area. The wife is not very excited about being on her own for a week. I'm not too excited about being away from her and Liam and Sammy either. Such is the life of a student recruiter.

Life is enjoyable, we are not seeing friends as much as we would like, but things are going well. I will try to write again soon.


C L Rousseau said...

There's still no Wii! You're lying!

Anonymous said...

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