Friday, May 16, 2008

This is my last day of work for five weeks. I will practice being a stay at home dad. I must admit that the thought overwhelms me a little bit, but I know it will be a great experience for me and hopefully for little Liam as well.

Celeste's parents leave on Monday, I think they are very nervous about me being the full-time caregiver of Liam. This morning I was playing with Liam a bit and Celeste's dad says "I hope you will have the patience to deal with him" I think he was referring to me having patience with Liam, but it might have been the other way around. Either way, I think we will be ok. I have always had good patience with children.

I actually think it will be easier for me with no one else around. I do not like feeling as though my every action is being judged...maybe judged is not the right term...hmmm, let's try again. I do not like the fact that everyone is paying such close attention to my behaviour with the boy, always ready to offer advice and to take him away from me if it seems I am not succeeding. It will be better for me when it is just the two of us figuring things out. Does that make any sense?

Things are very good though. The boy is happy and healthy. Last night he only woke up once in the night for feeding. That was wonderful! Hopefully we can have many more nights like that and then move on to no wakes per night. Sigh, that will be the day :-)

We have gotten very close to purchasing a very small section of land on which to build a house. It seems we are leaning against it now because of our extreme lack of finances. I am still pretty into the idea but I think the more budget-minded half of this marriage will likely win out.

I am excited for the five weeks with Liam, I am hopeful we will get out of the house and do fun things together. Hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit. I would like to take daily walks with Sam and Liam, hopefully at the beach or at least around the neighbourhood.

I suppose that is enough of an update for now. Hey, why don't you check out my newest blogging project and tell me what you think so far.




C L Rousseau said...

extreme lack of finances??

wait a minute! that's an extreme way of describing it!

Anonymous said...

You should buyyy the lanndddd .... (echoey, whispery voice)

You will do great in your 5 weeks with Liam, it definitely helps to not have people looking over your shoulder the whole time. good luck and enjoy!