Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hi All,

I do not have any new news to report, but I do not want to disappoint my 919 fans (what??? that's what the counter says, right?).

I received an email from U. of Auckland about a job that I was considering applying for. The person I wrote sounded encouraging about applying, so I will do that this weekend. Anyone want to write a cover letter for me?

That is the closest thing to progress on my end. Well, that's not entirely true, I have been getting my financial affairs in order so it will be easier to jump on the plane when the time comes.

I am also fostering a dog for a rescue organization. What does that have to do with my move to NZ? Well, how can I connect it? Oh, here's a couple ways: I am not able to adopt this incredibly cute sweet dog because I think it would be unfair to put her through the hell of transporting to and living through quarantine in NZ, so I will have to get a dog after I move. And the other way it's related is that having this sweet little girl around makes it clear that I want to have a yard and a dog once I am settled in NZ.

Also, Celeste is almost ready to send in her application, just a few more steps and she'll be in the same waiting game as I am.

Hope all is well with my hundreds of faithful readers.

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