Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Application is in, the $925 fee has been paid, now I wait and wait and wait. I was told via email that I will hopefully be assigned to a case officer within "the next four months" after which time, if everything is deemed to be in order it will be another 1-3 months.

Of course the one thing that would speed the process up immensely would be a job offer. Lately I have not even found positions available that I am qualified/interested in to apply for. Must keep on that though, now that my application is officially being processed maybe the universities will take my application a little more seriously (hopehopehope).

Otherwise, still being a temp for the Rockefeller Foundation. It is really great, the work is not the most intellectually stimulating, but it does keep me busy and some of it is interesting. The people I work with are great, the organization is great. I am pet-sitting two crazy terriers for one of my co-workers for 11 days.

And off I go...


Roberto Iza Vald├ęs said...
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Caitlin said...

did he call you a tard?