Saturday, October 22, 2005

Here we go again

More silly NZIS Drama. Because i'm a flake i had not been paying very close attention to when the four month limit for turning in my application for permanent residency was coming to an end. The main issue that was delaying my sending it in was cash. The application fee is 520 pounds, that is more than a hair over $900 U.S. Shockingly for those who know me, I don't have that money handy. So, I was waiting for the last possible moment to send in the app in the hopes that someone might just give me a thousand dollars to cover it.

I started to realize that time must be running out, but I had received an email on September 23rd saying I had a month left so was kinda basing my schedule around that. Then I was going through my application to be certain all was well and saw that on my original ITA letter the date was June 13th and in the letter it said four months from that date. I saw that letter on Saturday the 15th of October.

A little bit of panic set in. Having to completely redo the entire application process was not appealing (my medical info would have to be redone as it is only valid for a certain period of time, plus another few hundred dollars). I wrote NZIS on Sunday night explaining my situation (minus the cash issue, i figure they don't really want a poor person moving in and wouldn't understand that i really am getting my money under control).

So, luckily when I woke up at 4:30 (or so) on Monday morning I had an email saying that my application was officially due that day and so long as it was in the mail before the end of Monday and arrived in their offices by the end of the week all would be good. Phew!

But still issues of course, I had to send it Fed-Ex express service which cost about $65, OUCH. And still, no money in the bank to cover the application fee. I figured though that I would get paid on Thursday and that would get me enough money in the bank to cover the application fee. So, of course they tried running the debit card on Thursday before I could get the check into the bank. Luckily they just sent me an email saying I should talk to my bank about the charge not going through and let them know when it was ready to go :-P So, Monday I will call and hopefully everything will be cleared up.

Then the waiting begins. And that isn't even likely to be it, I will still likely have to have an interview if I am not able to get a job offer before they finish processing my application. Craziness. I just want to get to the end of this tunnel and see some light.

In other news, I heard back from the owner of Kitsault ( and I will have to be in touch with him to see if I can be involved in that project (at least while i'm stuck waiting to hear from NZ).

Enough for now? Yes, me thinks. Write me!!!

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