Monday, September 26, 2005

So much to share! Firstly, have you seen the iPod Nano? I know that iPods don't have much to do with my move to NZ, but I love them and plane rides are much more enjoyable with an MP3 player don't you think? I own the U2 black version, very nice methinks. I think the Nano is a beautiful little creature.

This past week I was in Berlin. I applied for a position as a Residence Life Officer at the European College of Liberal Arts-Berlin ( as sort of a lark. They asked for a phone interview and then flew me out for an on-campus interview as well. I think the position would be a challenge, but hopefully I am up for it. I know Germany is not quite New Zealand, but ever since I studied abroad in Berlin oh so many years ago I have dreamt of returning. Celeste is supportive of the idea and thinks that she might be able to find work in Berlin also.

I flew to Berlin on Aer Lingus through Dublin. I thought that I might stay in Dublin for the weekend on my way back to the U.S. but I caught a bit of a cold and decided to days sick spending money I don't have in Dublin wasn't the best of ideas. I came directly home instead and have been sleeping a lot. Hopefully I will feel all better for work tomorrow.

On the NZ front, I am quite close to sending in my application, I need certified copies of a few things. Hopefully I can find a Notary Public through my temp job that I can use for free. Then I need to figure out how to pay the application fee which is around $800 I believe. I do not really have that kind of cash hanging out. Ooops. If all works out I may be able to send it in within two weeks or so.

The biggest news for NZ is that Celeste's status finally changed to ITA (invitation to apply). Of course, since she is about 10,000 times more organized and motivated than I am, she will probably have her application turned in before I do. It is exciting to think that one way or the other we should be together within three or four months.

Oh, my temp job is pretty cool so I will mention it as well. I am doing pretty boring office type work, but it is for the Rockefeller Foundation. Great organization and really beautiful offices.

I feel that is enough of an update for now. Thanks for reading.

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penguindevil said...

How am I to keep up here if you never post anything... 2 weeks? Not a peep? Now I got worry...