Monday, June 27, 2005

Oh No to No Ozone! I've been reading about the lack of ozone over dear New Zealand. For me this is a wee bit scary. I mean, I have friends who were already warning me about it, but seeing it in print was a little more intimidating. This is a very white kid here. I burn when they show the sun on tv. I should wear sunscreen for the walk to the car. Now I will go somewhere that the sun is even stronger, less atmosphere between me and that molten ball of gas? Eeeek! Still not enough to deter me! I will battle the sun, I will wear long sleeved shirts and hats and pants and shoes no matter the weather or activity.

That's my rant. It's Sunday, I've had a good weekend in spite of insomnia. Celeste is going to help me get my website into shape, be looking out for the grand re-opening. Enjoy your week all!

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Jen said...

As a NY to NZ transplant of Scandinavian decent, I can say that I share your concerns and stocked up on sunscreen before I left. But since it's winter here, the sun is often safely hidden behind the rainclouds. But Kiwis are very sun-hardy and take advantage of every chance to bask in it. No wonder skin cancer rates are so high in this part of the world.

Best of Mobil's Jipzee Cab said...

Jen I hate to burst your bubble but just because its a cloudy day isn't offering you any special protection from the wave length of solar rays that cause skin problems. New Zealand's big advantage is its latitude which cuts down on the angle and time of exposure.
Like most of Jonno's ideas this one about ozone is probably overexaggerated. Wait til he finds out what a spiritual country NZ is where his secular humanism isn't going to be appreciated by many.
And about that abortion thing Jonno is shooting his mouth off about. The real problem with abortion is not "right to Life" or a woman's right to choose (western judao-christian convenience choices).. it's when governments and cultural heavyweights start deciding to abort certain girls or boys or races etc something the western advocates and opposition never think about.

Jez said...

Was it Jonno writing about abortion? I thought it was La Bona...
Blah-thing, you need to stay on track. If governments forcibly abort certain parts of the population, the problem is the government, NOT abortion. Come on, exit the closet:you're a scary fundamentalist, aren't you?