Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Got home today to an excited roommate, he was excited to show me that I received my official application materials in the mail from New Zealand. Now I have no excuse to continue procrastinating with getting fingerprints and the like. Not to say I won't continue procrastinating though.

The materials look nicely done, there's even a CD of some sort. I haven't really explored yet. Hopefully I can use the CD on my PowerBook. Inching along I am.

Oh, I have a question for anyone that might see this that is in the know. It is becoming a distinct possibility that I will try to ship my car to New Zealand. Does anyone have any insight into the processes and costs involved?

I have survived another Monday and the first with my new M-Th 8-6 schedule. Three day weekends until the end of August, that's not so bad, eh?

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Celeste said...

another round of luck wishes for you! it's great that u got ur ITA stuff and will start with ur REAL application!

i better get myself used to searching on google thru ur blog. ur so famous! :)