Friday, June 24, 2005

Nothing new to share in NZ news, but I will talk about my so called life. My niece has been staying with me (hence the hairplay pix). I have two roommates. One of whom, Tedi, is the original lease holder who we sublet from. I had told Tedi that my niece would be visiting for a week, for reasons somewhat beyond my control she will be here about two weeks. I received a voicemail yesterday from Tedi informing me that "she" had to be out of the apartment by Thursday morning. So, he was giving me hours of notice that my niece had to leave. Since she didn't really have anywhere else to go, and she is getting on a bus tomorrow (Friday) morning, I just ignored his message (yes, bad jon).

Then at work today Tedi calls me and says, Didn't u get my message? I said, Yes. He continues, I told you she needed to be out this morning. I said, Well, she has nowhere else to stay. He lets me know that, "You said she would be here one week, it's been too long." I said, well, things changed and you bring guests in whenever you want for however you want without asking us at all. He explained that that's because it's his apartment. I said, well, i signed a lease and i pay rent too. and it went on like that with me telling him that it's wrong that he thinks that he can tell me who and when i can have people if he doesn't live by the same rules (in a very loud voice). he tells me that if i don't like it i can leave and i tell him okay, this is 30 days notice.

Oooooh, drama. My co-workers couldn't even believe it was serious, they thought it was some overly dramatic joke I was part of or something. I was so pissed!!! So, yeah, I lost my cool a little bit. I just am a little overly protective of my niece I guess. Now I need to find a cheap place to live :-P

I will try to get back on topic soon!


Celeste said...

that indo b*tch! it's not HIS apt. r u sure he didn't say he owned the bldg? such confused fellow ur roomie is.

Caitlin said...

Do you need Ashley to kick his ass?

If you do, we're in serious trouble.

La Bona said...

Nice blog. Keep it up ...

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