Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well, now that I am building an audience of sorts (what, three people is an audience, right???), I need to keep thinking of brilliant (haha) things to write. So, what NZ news do I have to share? First one piece of good news that is overwhelming me this week that is not exactly NZ related. My niece just finished her first year of high school at a boarding school in northern Vermont. We were not sure if she was going to be able to return for her 2nd year due to financial concerns. We just found out that she is getting a full scholarship from the school to continue. VERY EXCITED!!!

To get my fingerprints taken to send to the FBI, I have to go to a police precinct during regular business hours. This is not so simple because I am, not surprisingly, usually at my workplace working during regular business hours. I am trying to figure out the when, where and how of getting this done soon. It would be quite nice to get those sent in to the feds.

Still working on the where of NZ also. I think Celeste and I are both most into Wellington, it still hinges on being able to find work in whatever city we decide to move to.

Well, the questions are never-ending when one is preparing such a life altering move. Just have to keep on working toward the answers.

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penguindevil said...

newbie schmoobie...

Hoi! I know I know... Where's them damned pictures at?!

Well, I'll get them to you. I'vebeen busy moving my fake blog over here to blogger to make it real, so you know... Priorities. Anyway. Just wanted to let you know that your audience has increased by another one!