Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two Sleeps 'til Christmas

My Prezzie from Celeste arrived the other day and still sits in its box on the dining room table (along with far too much other crap) waiting for opening on x-mas day. I wonder what it could be??? She offered to let me open it early, but I am a good boy, I will wait.

I don't think I will give her a present this christmas, don't you think the miracle of a child inside of her is more than enough of a gift? No? Well...hmmm...I'll think of something perhaps.

I will not be back to work for two weeks. That means I should really be able to get a lot of housecleaning and straightening done as well as random other house-related jobs I could take care of. We did buy a weed-whacker (seems to be the most common lawnmower in nz). We only have a small patch of weeds/grass in our back yard that just needs a bit of chopping down once in awhile.

Feb. 8! Will that actually be the date? People tend to think it will be sooner, we need so much more stuff so much more prep! We washed all of his clothes and blankets. Hmmm.

It's a beauty weekend.

Yesterday we went to see the movie Enchanted, silly disney goofiness. McDreamy was in it. Susan Sarandon. Watched Bad Santa on TV last night, first time I've seen it. That is a funny and messed up movie. I do enjoy watching Billy Bob Thornton act though.

If you are on facebook, let's play scrabulous :-)



C L Rousseau said...

the baby is my present? i have been carrying that little person, have been going through emotional and o physical stress, and to you that's a present?

i deserve a separate present!

penguindevil said...

Yeah Jon,

you'd better get her something!