Sunday, October 21, 2007


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My nominee for best song title goes to Interpol's "No I in Threesome" it's definitely a classic.

We are having another lovely weekend here in Wellington, the wind has definitely been whipping about, but the sun is shining and I can wear shorts. Good stuff.

Yesterday we took the pup out for some adventures. We went to Animates (the big local pet shop chain) where he got to stare at bunnies and other pups and met a couple of dogs. He also wanted to mark the territory constantly, that was fun...After that we went to a filipino bakery in Petone and Celeste had breakfast (which she shared with me cuz she's so sweet). That wasn't so fun for Sam cuz he had to wait in the car, but I think he enjoys watching the world go by, but not as much as he would've liked being out playing with the world. Fortunately for him, that came next. We took him to the Petone shore and he got to run around for awhile on the windy beach. He also took one of his first runs into the water (without mom helping him). Celeste very much wants him to play in water but he has been quite hesitant, it now looks like he is getting a bit more interested.

Oh, during our visit to Animates we were trying to get some help choosing toys for Samson because he has a tendency to destroy everything we give him within a day or less. So this woman shows us quite a few things and we keep talking about how he destroys things. To illustrate the point we mentioned that he recently tore apart a golf ball, her mouth dropped. At that point she pretty much just said, we don't have anything that will stop him, but perhaps a couple of things that will slow him down!

So, we bought the thing we thought seemed sturdiest but also like Sammy would enjoy it. Well, before last night was over it was in pieces. The dog is very determined to see the insides of anything we give him and nothing stops him from achieving that goal...hmmmm. Now I want to take the toy back to the shop and show it to the woman, just so she knows we weren't kidding. We spend a lot of money to keep that dog entertained.

He is also now climbing into the neighbours yard, that's not so good (not our downstairs neighbour thankfully). Not sure how to keep him contained without putting up a fence, not really willing to take on that expense for a rental house. Blech! Is having a dog more trouble than it is worth? How am I going to take care of a kid when I can't even control my pup?

Speaking of which, Sam also got sick last night, probably from eating the toy, or drinking salt water at the beach (or a combo?). He threw up more food than I though could even be inside his little body! It was sad (and really disgusting). He was just sitting there shaking and wouldn't walk or lie down or anything. Finally we just took him to bed and wrapped him in a blankie. We all went to sleep. This morning he seemed pretty normal when I got up.

We interviewed for the other SLA on Thursday, 4 people and 2 of them seemed like pretty good options. Definitely one is the favourite so we will see what happens next. It will be nice to have someone, and it will be interesting training someone. Definitely looking forward to it.

I've entered into a travel phase. Yesterday I spent down in Blenheim visiting a couple of schools. That was nice, went to the beach and did a little (very little) walk. This week I will spend three days down in Nelson visiting schools. The following week is the SLA seminar up in Auckland (first trip up there). Celeste will go up as well and we'll spend the weekend exploring a bit. Then the end of November we are going to Sydney for our first visit to Australia. Also our last trip before we are parents. CRAZY.

Celeste's belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger, it's very cute. I will look at her and obviously I just get a silly look on my face cuz she'll say, WHAT??? And I just say, you're so big and adorable :-P It is all very exciting, and I can feel his little movements sometimes. We have done just about nothing toward preparing for his arrival, soon we must start purchasing stuff and stuff.

We did begin antenatal classes last monday. that is good. very interesting stuff. they just start telling you the hundreds (thousands) of ways you can kill your baby! Aaaaargh.

I could go on and on, but I think that will do for now!

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