Sunday, October 07, 2007

Doin' my show.

Still in love with the new Iron & Wine album, The Shepherd's Dog.

I have given in to my Apple Techno Lust and purchased an iPod Touch. Now I just have to impatiently wait for it to get to me, they are saying about 2 weeks...

The neighbour situation has not really improved. Friday night she showed up at our door at 10:30pm semi-hysterical because our dog was running around playing on the wooden floor. I feel for her, but I also think we have a right to LIVE in our home. We are looking at buying a large area rug for the living room ('lounge' in kiwi) in the hope that it will help dampen the noise for her. So now our adjustments include unplugging my subwoofer so the bass doesn't bother her, listening to TV and music quieter than we would like, buying a makeshift fence to help keep Samson from going down to 'her' area of the house, trying to keep our 8month old puppy from playing too loudly in the living room...woohoo! Nothing like having neighbours.

I really worry about what it will be like when we have a baby! Thankfully the landlords are very understanding of our side of things and are being quite cool about the whole situation. Nonetheless we are enjoying the new house quite a bit. It is a great little place and such an enjoyable location. We just discovered how close we are to Kilbirnie which has a lot of shops we can take advantage of.

Anybody out there want a bedsit that doesn't mind a little bit of puppy noise? I am starting to get the feeling that a place may be opening up soon. Oh, for those that are not aware, a bedsit is what they call what we americans call a studio. A living space with no separate rooms, just one living space a kitchen or kitchenette and a bathroom/toilet.

Work is still manageable though I am a little overwhelmed with doing two jobs. Hopefully that situation will be changing quite soon. The position closing date is this Monday so we should be having interviews pretty soon.

The All Blacks are playing France right now and NZ has taken a 10-0 lead. The funny thing about this match is that it is probably the biggest match for the 2007 Rugby World Cup hosts France, but it is being played in Wales for some obscure reason. I can imagine the French fans can't be thrilled about this. And I wonder how the French fans will greet the All Blacks when (if) they beat France and then show up back in France for the semifinals. Could be ugly, though the French rugby fans do seem to love the All Blacks. Hmmmmm...

BTW much love to my hometown bball team. Having some injury issues during training camp and have lost our #1 draft pick for the season but I am looking forward to an exciting TrailBlazers season nonetheless!

Right, the finally song from the I&W album is about to end, I need to be a DJ


Juliet said...

Hi.. Just wanted to say that I'm enjoying reading your blog. My American fiancé moved to (Wellington) New Zealand in 2004 and we had a son in Feb last year. A lot of your journey sounds very similar to ours (or his), especially the long process of immigration. If you want to read his story, he blogs on, though is has digressed a bit from its original purpose :)

penguindevil said...

I've got to say, it's surprising the amount of housing issues that you two have had! I keep on thinking you've found the ideal spot and then something comes up! This one though, sounds a bit too much!

Good luck with her!

Anonymous said...

Re: the blazers. Let's just hope this isn't another Sam Bowie situation!