Wednesday, August 22, 2007

what and stuff.

wow, much life is happening for friends.

my friends in Portland have just closed down their knitting cafe (transforming soon into something new) and are struggling with the issues involved with having a new child and a dog in your life. many decisions, and not easy ones, for two of my favoritest peoples in the whole wide world.

another of my bestest mates who currently lives in Colorado (or is it Wyoming at this mo'?) is preparing to move to Scotland in September to live with his partner and her child. This is a big change for a man who spent many many moons as a single man.

as i've already mentioned multiple times, my co-worker is about to start a new job and have a child of his own.

transitions are afoot.

celeste and i are struggling with what we are to do about a place to live. the owners of our current house bought it to refurb and sell. they only guaranteed we could stay for 6 months. we would very much like to stay there for a few years I think, but we have to roll with the punches. we need to decide whether it is worth sticking it out as long as possible with some uncertainty in this house or whether to really start looking for another place that we will be able to stay as long as we want before having our own baby to take care of.

personal training is going well and my back is behaving itself. i go to another session of training in about half an hour.

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penguindevil said...

I want to live in Scotland or New Zealand! Why are we stuck in the ol' usa?

But aside from that, I would vote for looking for a place with some long term possibilities. If you know you will have to move, you may as well get it over with and get settled!