Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back in the DJ booth so it must be time for an update.

Listening to a song off the new Stars album. I love them. The song is called Personal which you would be hearing if you were listening to my radio show right now! Why aren't you?

The past couple of weeks have been very busy work-wise. Mellower outside of that.

My back is still being problematic. Very frustrating because this past week I have begun working with a personal trainer twice a week in the hopes of getting into better shape, but it is going to be hard to keep up with workouts if my back keeps spasming and causing me misery. Gggrrr.

Hey, thanks for the comments from Kurty and Cait! My readership is double what I thought :-)

Oh, I have a couple bits of fame to report. I was asked by to allow them to use a photo of mine on their online travel guide for Wellington. If you want to see the photo it is in the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary portion of the Wellington travel guide. My other shot at fame is upcoming. The government is updating their immigration website and want stories of immigrants and I have been asked to share mine. We will see what develops from that.

On the work front, my co-worker Guy (we started at the same time and have very much created our office in our image) is leaving at the end of the month. I am having a hard time with that. Not only do I not know when (if) his position will be refilled, but I have really come to enjoy the way we work together and like him a lot as a person. I am a bit nervous to have full responsibility for the running of our office. Well, it will be time for me to get my ass organised and do some hard work for awhile.

I look forward to hearing more about the trip Midge and Mom had to the Kingdom and hearing more about Mabel's transition!!!

Kiwisms: everything is sweet as... or good as... not sure what they are sweet as or good as, that is left to the imagination.

Enjoy the week all!

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