Sunday, June 03, 2007

hey, i'm playing dj right now. right now i'm broadcasting 'architecture in helsinki' i love them. and since i can't be bothered to make real playlists for my show we're going in alphabetical order. so far we're just in the 'a's but will be moving into the 'b's relatively soon i think. i don't believe today's two hours get us past 'c'.

so, yeah, sunday morning in wellington. we had a little rain last night but really it's not been too bad around here considering we are rapidly approaching winter.

i'm drinking Milo which has become my radio show ritual. yumyum.

still loving the new house. we finally slept our first night in our bed in the bedroom last night. that was more comfortable than the living room (lounge)in my opinion. haven't yet used the fireplace cuz we are waiting for the chimney sweep to ok the usage.

ouch, just looked at weather report and the high today is 12 celsius and low tonight is 4...bbrrrr! a quick shot of winter!

anyway...back to the show

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