Sunday, June 24, 2007

back in the booth. brought samson with me today. he is finally starting to lose his baby teeth, can't wait for those little razor sharp things to be gone!!! would love to keep more of my blood on the inside. he's been rambunctious as usual but has finally mellowed out and is lying down at my feet. He just got a haircut yesterday so is a pretty boy. His face is almost all...well, if not white, at least a rather light colour whereas when we got him it was pretty much black. wacky ;-)

life has not been too exciting lately (hence no updates). A few things have been going on though...Celeste has been quite busy with work and quite tired and icky feeling at home. Me, being 100% lazy have been a bit of an ass about this, but am trying to be better and to take care of my partner like a good boy. Still can't help being a brat sometimes. She beat me up last night cuz I wanted her to get me ice cream and wouldn't give her a blanket until she did (she never did, she just beat me until I gave up). So, of course I ended up getting me ice cream and her too :-P

Also, I have been having a few dreams about a girl I worked with 20+ years ago so had to do the internet stalker thing and find her information and contacted her. Her name is Margot. I've always thought she was great, we dated briefly (a couple of times if i remember correctly). So, I have a lot of questions I would like to ask her, but I am afraid I would seem a little crazy if I did.

Funny though, she shared current pix of herself and in some I could swear she was exactly the same as 20 years ago and in others it's obvious the woman she's become. Life is weird...

Just about another month and Celeste can get her PR, that will be very nice indeed!!! Then we will be able to travel outside of the country (if ever the opportunity presents itself).

Winter has been interesting so far. We've had a couple of mornings of frost on the cars and grass. Some torrential rains but also still getting a fair amount of sunshine.

How about all of you? anything to share?


C L Rousseau said...

sorry for beating you up! i swear my moods have been very extremes lately. i'm usually good, no?

why not ask your friend your questions? she already knows you're crazy for choosing another girl over her :-p

penguindevil said...

No, you should keep beating him up! He needs it to keep in line.