Monday, July 24, 2006

Work Work Work. That's about all i've been doing so far. Just been trying to learn as much as possible and become prepared to visit schools. Spent three days in Palmerston North for a seminar last week. Having meetings with different people across the university every day. Busy busy.

Other than that, not much new and exciting. I did join the university gym today.

Honestly, not much else to say at this point. I did get my first paycheck, that was a joy!


Celeste said...

you know dude, you mean that Work Work part. i like it and then i don't.

but i think i like it more! i just miss you LOTS.

tominwellington said...

Hi Jonno! I have read your post about the Newtown Heights Lodge. I am from Germany and I am going to work in Wellington for 6 months starting in September. I have found the same lodge and wondered if you have lived there for a while and if you like it. I would be happy about your answer. Regards, Tom