Thursday, July 06, 2006

Massey University

Just about to complete my first week of work at Massey. Spent the first day in Palmerston North meeting people and exploring that campus. The past three days have been meeting people and exploring the Wellington campus. It has been hectic and exciting and overwhelming. My co-worker Guy and I were hired at the same time and will be the Student Liaison Advisers on Wellington campus and recruiting in the Wellington region.

We will have a lot of autonomy but also a lot of responsibility. I'm excited for both. Guy is a really nice...guy. We get along well and I think we'll be able to work well together. Tomorrow (Friday) will be our first day in the office just the two of us. I think we will try to do some organising of the tons of paper we have in our offices and also break down who will have which schools for recruitment.

Over the weekend I think I'll try to do a lot of reading regarding the different programs that Massey has to offer students. If you look hard enough on the website of Massey you can find me (including a picture!).

My love and wishes for a speedy recovery go out to my dear Letlet. She's come down with the flu and is not a happy camper. All the more so becuz she's not getting the attention she deserves from me. Poor girl.


penguindevil said...


I found your photograph!


And congratulations on the easy assimilation into NZ job and apartmentness!

Celeste said...

hey, nice week u had! congrats to a week well done.