Thursday, May 25, 2006

I've been a bad blogger. Really, I have no excuse. Actually, that is soooooo untrue, I have the perfect excuse! I'm LAZY.

This week I've received two rejection letters for jobs. My recruitment agency I am trying to get temp work through has yet to find me a job. This means I have a lot of free time. I've applied for two more jobs this week though. So, what have I been doing with all of my free time? Sleeping quite a bit, walking around Karori Rd. (the main drag in my neighbourhood). I go to the library semi-regularly as well as the post office. Been to downtown Wellington a few times. I like it down there, I don't go down there often cuz it makes me want to spend money and I can't really afford to do that until I have a job.

I've been mostly reading, watching movies and following the NBA playoffs. I also spend a significant amount of time chatting with letlet. I was downloading some shows online until I realised that I had very quickly used up the entire months allotment of broadband downloading so our internet speed has been reduced to dial-up speed for the remainder of the month. Oooops. I can't get used to this limited internet thang. Suffice it to say that downloading is a thing that will have to wait until I have my own internet though. Luckily both LOST and Grey's Anatomy had their season finales already.

I get along quite well with my roomies. They are rather Catholic, so that is a slightly uncomfortable situation sometimes, but mostly they are quite accepting of me and my non-religious ways. They feed me quite well, in fact maybe a little too well. I'm afraid that the weight I lost before is making its way back.

Oh, as I mentioned in my last entry, I went to see seals. That was fun. A really nice hike and it rained a little, but not so much to make it unpleasant.

Letlet had her interview. It sounds like it went quite well. She has a few more documents to turn in and then it's just waiting for the results. I feel good about it all.

Now I want to get a job, get an apt. and get a dog. Then the dog and I can wait patiently for the arrival of letlet.

Take care all.

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