Tuesday, January 10, 2006

had my interview today. as best i can tell, at the end of it the woman said that i will either receive permanent residency or work to residency (in which case i receive a work visa and have to keep a job for three months to qualify for residency). i will find out which officially within the next week. then i send in my passport, get my stickers and that's it! now i just have to get a job and/or save up enough money to move there and look for a job for a while. if anyone has extra money they want to send my way, just let me know.


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Jen said...

No money to send, just advice in response to your question.

To be honest, we didn't ship a thing. We made the most of our baggage allowance on international travel and then just bought what we needed here and stored the rest back in the U.S.. You'll be happy to know that garage sales are common here and a great source for household items. Otherwise you're best bet is to find a container shipper, but it will take several weeks for your goods to arrive.

In general I'd say clothing is a bit more expensive
here than we anticipated, so make the most of that and plan on buying most else of what you need here on sale at places like Kmart (yes they have Kmart here) and
the Warehouse (vaguely like Walmart). Otherwise if it
costs a lot to ship, it's probably not worth it. Of
course we were lucky to find a furnished apartment, so we didn't need to bring too much. A good source for furniture here should you need it are the auctions.

Hope that helps.