Thursday, January 19, 2006

...and it's been like a hundred years and i've still not heard anything back from them, why do they choose to torture me so??? what have i done to deserve this??? now i'm convinced that i completely aurally hallucinated the interviewer telling me that declination wasn't an option at this point. or maybe it wasn't at that point, but as soon as she got off the phone, all of a sudden it was an option again!!! what am i to do? wait patiently? i can't do that!!! ack.

so, my plan, assuming i still have an opportunity here, is to move in april or may. my mind has now started focusing on may 3rd as my move date, not sure why, just that's where my brain has settled. and, why haven't those paypal emails of offered monetary assistance started rolling in yet? obviously, my audience is not made up of the generously affluent crowd i was hoping for...well...well...well...

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