Monday, August 08, 2005

Visit the Philippines

Today I applied for three jobs in NZ with three different universities. I really would like to be in Wellington or Dunedin and those two jobs seemed most likely, but I also applied to a position in Auckland. I am sure Auckland wouldn't be so bad either.

The jobs are all good fits for what I want to do, though they are mostly a big step down from the responsibility I have in my current position. I am willing to take that though, it would be nice to have more contact with students and be working in a larger institution.

Finally made some more progress on application materials. Portland State was totally simple, just faxed me a letter. I also had Barbara write me one from IPSL. Also received a fax of my immunizations so I was able to get that info completed.

The other step was to get the money order finally for sending my fingerprints to the FBI. They are in the envelope and will be on the way tomorrow!!!

I am moving forward. And next week I plan to go to the Philippines for a couple of weeks. :-P

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