Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today I called to try and get proof of employment from my job at New York University to send with my application. They contract an outside agency to provide proof of employment. I call to ask what I need to do and they tell me that I am not allowed to get it myself. Whoever wants it must call and request it themselves. I am not able to verify my own employment? What on earth is the logic behind that? Am I going to find out that I wasn't really employed there? Seems very very odd to me.

Not only is it odd, I worry that it might cause issue in that it seems pretty inconvenient for NZIS to have to call this employment verification agency to prove that I had this job. Blech!

In my last entry I mentioned the email I had received from someone I had written a thank you note to at a NZ Uni. Well, I have not heard back from the woman at Otago that I wrote hoping she would look at my resumé. No big rush at this point is there?

Life has been throwing me enough curves lately that I am willing to take NZ slow for a bit. Though I have to be careful not to let too much time pass before sending in the completed application as the medical forms expire after a certain amount of time.

It is fun having chest x-rays to look at though. I was trying to find where I broke my collar bone as a high schooler but can't seem to place it.


Banana Q said...

ur collar bone broke or just had a crack? if crack, they reproduce and reconnect (which should elongate it)...must be the reason for the broad shoulders... oops, am i describing the right person here? :-P

Banana Q said...

comment on the PoE-
why hire an agency to provide that? aren't those confidential to NYU? ok, if not THAT confidential, does NYU employ lots of people to even hire contractors to make them on their behalf? i say, ridiculous.

oh, have u asked Paul to confirm? maybe he can do something about that?

Saul said...

I think I can remember when you broke your collar bone. Weren’t you in some kind of restraint contraption? Hmm…I can’t remember how you did it though. Was it because of the unicycle?