Sunday, October 28, 2007

What to say today?

Spent most of the past week in Nelson. Very pretty area, flat lands surrounded by hills next to the ocean. A great combination. I went for a few little walks in the nature but not as much (nature or walking) as I would have liked.

I found a Beastie Boys vs. The Beatles mash-up album that I am playing on my show this morning. I like it quite a bit. I do not like it as well as the Jay-Z/Beatles Grey Album so far...

Next week is NSR seminar in Auckland. We leave for that Tuesday and Sam has to spend from Tuesday to Sunday in a kennel!!! I am feeling some real guilt about that. I am sure he will enjoy himself but I really feel that I am deserting my pup. Then the next month we are having our 8 day stay in Sydney so he will be kenneled again. SUCKS, I wish we could take him everywhere with us.

Yesterday was quite stormy. Just a lot of wind and little rain showers but we took the pup out for walk on the beach and then parked for a bit just looking at the waves on the rocks. Quite beautiful. Before that we grabbed milk shakes from movenpick shop. They like the milkshakes much runnier in nz than I prefer.

I've been hearing from some peeps I've not talked to in a long time lately, I always (almost always?) enjoy that.

Man, ate at a place called the Smokehouse Cafe in Mapua(?), really really good seafood. Had smoked fish chowder and pan seared scallops in a vietnamese style salad. It was soooooooo gooooooood :-)


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penguindevil said...

Why do always forget that here, your radio show is on Saturday? I had Saturday off tis week and everything!