Saturday, September 08, 2007

This may be on the Move to Wellington website in the near future, any thoughts? I am misquoted like crazy, but the gist of the meaning remains :-P

Name: Jon and Celeste.
Nationality: American and Philipino.
Profession: Jon- Student recruitment. Celeste- IT.
Migrated to Wellington: 2006.

“I’ve been surprised by how open it is, how welcoming people have been. I’ve been here less than one and a half years, and I feel like I belong. That’s awesome.” Jon Rousseau has been made to feel at home in Wellington.
The very enthusiastic New Yorker moved here with his Philipino fiancée Celeste Lafavilla in 2007. “I love it, I really do”. A big change to New York, Jon says it feels like his hometown of Portland, Oregon. “Café culture and laidback, it’s like going home, though there are some cultural differences”.
Jon admires the music, theatre and other cultural opportunities the city provides (“not that I take enough advantage of it”). He appreciates Wellington’s environment, citing the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, Otari-Wilton’s Bush and Botanic Gardens. “Nature is really close by in the city. On the weekend you can go to the Wairarapa or Marlborough Sounds”.
A particular favourite is walking round the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary. “It’s so peaceful and relaxing”.
Jon says Wellington is a convenient, friendly city, with most of the amenities you could ever want. He responded instantly to Wellington being a liberal, cosmopolitan, diverse city. “Overall, it’s very accepting of other people and other cultures. I like walking down the street and hearing different languages. You constantly meet people from all over the world”.
“Ah good, you escaped,” Jon jokes with other Americans immigrants. He is relieved not to be in George Bush’s frightened America. “It’s not as terror driven here”.
Jon works for Massey University in student recruitment. He says the university is a great, welcoming employer. “The university is a family atmosphere, with cool programmes like their design courses. I work with everyone to do my job, it’s very collegial. I’m allowed to be independent, creative and come up with new initiatives.”
He says Massey is very supportive, and has been touched by their support on hearing Celeste was pregnant. “I look forward to this Kiwi- accented kid running into our home”.


C L Rousseau said...

it's FILIPINO! please correct that!

we moved in 2006, please correct that too!

your profile sounds cool :)

C L Rousseau said...

wait, why does it say Jon and Celeste? i referred you and i'm not supposed to be in it cuz i work at the Council!

Anonymous said...

It also said George Bush's frightened America, when it should have said terrified America. please correct that!