Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I am returning to semi-regular posting. Will I still have any viewers?

The past six months have been quite full, so of course I did not blog any of it. Now that things seem to be mellowing I will return to the world of blogging. It is so much more fun to write when you have nothing to say.

The short version of the past half year is this, letlet arrives, looks and looks and looks for work, began work this very Monday with assorted wackiness in between. There is a new addition to our happy home name of Samson, I will put in pictures soon. I am still working in same place, we are all still living in same place but the home situation is likely to change before too much longer.

This is enough to get me started back. I will expand on all of these areas and more in the near future.

1 comment:

penguindevil said...

Finally! The return of ny2nz! I had expected maybe a new identity of yaNnz?

Regardless, post your nothings away! Your readership awaits!