Saturday, September 09, 2006

has it been another month already? 4 months in NZ 2 months on job and all is well.

the biggest recent news is that letlet has heard from her visa officer and was offered a work-to-residency visa. she now needs to send in passport, a few docs and fees. then it will be processed and her visa will be sent back to her. she has booked a ticket for Nov. 4th which would get her here exactly 6 months after my arrival. quite exciting! i have to see if i can get that week off from work!

the other news is that i bought a little 50cc scooter. it's cute. of course not much power but it gets me around. well, it got me around. the other night it was dark and rainy night and i got all the way home no problem. then there is a steep driveway to my apt. and i kinda gunned it up the driveway and me and scooter kinda fell over :-P the scooter got the worst of it and is now in the shop being repaired. i banged up my knee a bit and tweaked my back somewhat.

i was stupid, it was really just a dumb thing to do. that's what i get for playing with new toys :-P

otherwise, still enjoying work. i've been going out to schools to tell students how to go about enrolling in university and things.

still nothing going on socially. i'm sure that will change once letlet is here.

oh, i have fallen in love with chocolate caramel slices here though. definitely my favourite sugar item right now.

also have plenty of family drama but i don't really feel like broadcasting all that.

cheers all,



Celeste said...
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Celeste said...

and u think i'm a social butterfly? :) it is indeed exciting!

but it looks like i might have to re-book a week earlier. whatcha think?