Sunday, June 18, 2006

AIM IM with saulxavier.
8:20 AM
J:hey! how's it going?
S:good how are you?
J:so, you're gonna come visit in a year?
i have an apt. with a spare room and everything
S:we're staying in toronto for another year and going to save up to travel for up to a year
J:oh wow, plans have changed, sounds good though!
S:starting next may
that's supercool
funny, there was just an article in the NYTimes about people doing just that!
well, not "just that"
but taking breaks between jobs for travel anyway
S:yeah we didnt get any interesting jobs, so rather than leaving, we're going to save for a year
S:so we might come to New Zealand!
J:that would be nifty
S:did you get a job?
J:i did indeed!
S:I read the blog
J:start the 26th
it's a brilliant blog, dontcha think?
you never leave comments you bastard
i beg and plead and only celeste ever does's too brilliant for me to leave comments
just say "gee, you smell pretty"
that's as brilliant as my blog
S:are you liking it there?
i enjoy sitting in my room on my computer 24/7 here, just as much as i did in nyc the air is better here and you hear more birds
and when i do venture out, people have cute accents
plus, the little money i've held in my hands is prettier than US money
and since i've been here there have been earthquakes, a tornado, a snowstorm that has trapped a gajillion people on the south island and a blackout in Auckland
S:everybody's money is prettier
the blackout in Auckland is the biggest deal though, cuz it will make other countries think we're third world but really, other countries don't notice us enough to care
i should really write this stuff in my blog, it's BRILLIANT
in fact, i might just cut and paste this chat into my blog
S:you should!
8:30 AM
sweet, you will make a guest appearance in the brilliant ny2nz blog
S:People excellent!
I mean excellent
J:oh, if you wanna see my new apt. you will find it here
how did excellent become "people excellent"???
S:and people are crazy for that World Cup here. Nobody cares about soccer in the US, everybody does in Toronto
J:so, yeah, i just need to get a paycheck before my meagre checking account dries up
S:I was starting to write about soccer
J:yes, world cup gets news here, but not as much as rugby and netball
S:people have flags from their home countries and drive around honking when their team wins
i'm sure that's happening a little in nyc too
people like their flags and horns in nyc
S:US and Italy are playing right now
J:well, lucky US gets past this round whether they win or lose i think
S:There are about 500k Italians in Toronto
J:becuz some team beat the czechs? something like that
S:Italy will probably beat the US
J:yes, they're euro
all euros should beat the US

8:35 AM
J:so, are you already planning your route around the world?
the Tui (a nz native bird) has the coolest bird call ever!
S:We haven't started yet. Learing about round the world tickets
S:The apartment looks nice, The view is great!
J:not bad. unfortunately only get morning sun
would rather just get afternoon sun
S:Is Let there yet?
J:hell no, probably not until september
though sometimes she sounds like she'll just fly over tomorrow
S:are her papers all worked out?
J:everything is in now, she's just waiting to hear
S:I'll keep my fingers crossed for you
they sound cooler in person but...

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