Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The next day, still excited and overwhelmed how much i need to do in order to prepare for liftoff. I really hope to be in NZ by the first week of May or earlier and the logistics involved are somewhat overwhelming (i find myself close to hyperventilating often).

What am I going to take with me? How am I going to take it? How on earth do I figure out how many cubic metres of possessions I own and wish to have shipped over. Not to mention where I will be once I get there...

So many things to figure out and I'm sure I will keep posting more and more of them on here. It is an exciting time. All of these things, in spite of how frightening they may be, still make me smile. In the end it will all be worthwhile. Especially once ms. lafavilla finds her way as well.

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Celeste said...

aawww! that was sweet dude! :-) i'll follow, no worries there ;-)

true, such exciting times!